Archer Conglomerate



Archer International Holdings is an independent “family-owned” company that has broad interests in investing in residential and commercial properties across EMEA. The company’s services include but are not limited to fix and flip, rental housing and management, commercial property acquisition & management, and to remain as diversified as possible in the real estate space.

Our investment management system considers our strategies, proprietary research analysis, fundamental planning, and execution capabilities, along with evaluation and improvement methodologies that serve the company’s unique investment management system. Figure 1(a) outlined below illustrates our investment management lifecycle

We maintain value growth through the following –

  • Diversified Tenant Base – We build a pool of diversified tenant base who come from various backgrounds with different requirements to rent/lease so that one tenant or a set of them having the same patterns do not disrupt the company’s profits
  • Positive Cash Flow – We strive to maintain a positive cash flow in any market condition through our tailored leasing contracts that adapt to the specific needs of the tenants to have a recurring and sustainable cash flow
  • Build to Scale – Constantly evaluate and find the right levers in the business that needs to be scaled along with maintaining a “decent” profit margin
  • Market Advantage – Since our strategies are unique and tailored to adapt to the specific needs of tenants and, most importantly, ” not rigid,” it gives us the flexibility to maintain a market advantage over our competitors.
  • Execution Oversight & Control Points – Our flawless attention to detail in running operations and addressing the needs of our tenants timely have proven to provide us with value-added benefits